The Big Bang Theory: We Hit The Moon
00:00 - 02:35
2m 35s

Leonard and Sheldon explain to Zach their experiment in which they shoot lasers at the moon to definitively prove that astronauts have landed on it. As they're preparing the experiment, they answer Zach's questions, as unintelligent as they may be.



  • John Crescitelli
    about 5 years ago
    I do a unit on Primary and Secondary sources in my computer class. The final project is to prove the 1969 Moon Landing was not a hoax. The internet is full of misinformation on this topic. Someone is either right or wrong; there is no gray area on this. We extensively study primary and secondary sources and look at myriad websites on this topic. I use this video near the end of the unit so show that the concept is still real and relevant today. I also use a 15 second clip for the first minion movie, where the minions walk through a movie set of them faking the moon landing, just to show that there is still relevance today.
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