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Always free, no credit card needed
For teachers looking to incorporate more popular media in their lessons.

  • Watch up to 20 clips per month
  • Search and access all clips
  • Play videos without ads
  • Create playlists
  • Request new clips
  • Embed 1 question / clip
  • Create up to 3 live discussion rooms
  • Host up to 3 Personal Clips
  • Access 30 discussion starter templates
  • Up to 5 custom discussion question templates



45% savings applied with annual billing
For teachers who are short on time and regularly conduct classroom discussions.

Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Watch unlimited clips
  • Browse clips by standards
  • Vocabulary Word Finder
  • Embed unlimited questions
  • Advanced search filters: profanity, decade, genre
  • Roster with Google Classroom
  • Unlimited discussion rooms
  • Unlimited clip uploads
  • Access over 200 discussion starter templates
  • Unlimited custom discussion question templates


Custom Pricing

Volume discounts apply
For schools and districts looking to support teachers and improve student outcomes.

Everything in Premium, plus:
  • Volume discounts
  • Customizations & configuration
  • Reporting and metrics