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Pause Prompts Up to 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Live Discussions Yes Yes Yes
Access our full library of clips Yes Yes Yes
View all search results Yes Yes Yes
Create and share playlists Yes Yes Yes
Manage bookmarks Yes Yes Yes
Request clips Yes Yes Yes
Manage Personal Clips Yes Yes Yes
Vocabulary Finder No Yes Yes
In-Video Search No Yes Yes
Clip Insights No Yes Yes
Search community-made playlists No Yes Yes
Invite collaborators to your playlists No Yes Yes
Priority support for clip requests No Yes Yes
Filter by release decade No Yes Yes
Request improved subtitles No Yes Yes
Browse and filter clips by standards alignment No Yes Yes
Ad free No Yes Yes
Reporting and metrics No No Yes

Interactive Discussions

Make sure every student's voice is heard with Live Discussions. Engage all of your students, not just the most active participants.

Save time on standards

Easily find standards-aligned, engaging, and lesson-relevant clips in just a few minutes. Your students will love it (and you).

Be the fun teacher

Show scenes from recent TV shows and movies that your students will recognize with the Decade filter.