Hi, we're ClassHook! 👋

Joyce Ang

Joyce Ang

Co-founder & CMO
  • Former tutor and elementary school educator
  • Passionate about creating equitable learning experiences
  • Was a strong student that didn't feel compelled to participate in class
  • Spreads the word about ClassHook to educators and schools everywhere
Alexander Deeb

Alexander Deeb

Co-founder & CEO
  • Self-taught software engineer
  • Passionate about helping students access future growth opportunities
  • Was also a strong student that didn't feel compelled to participate in class
  • Builds the ClassHook platform you know and love

Why We Started ClassHook

We were both strong students who got good grades but didn't feel compelled to participate in class. However, once one of our interests came up during the lesson, we were among the first ones to raise our hands. And it's when we participated in discussions that we learned the most and gained confidence as a learner.

Through conversations with teachers and reflecting on our own experiences, we explored how we could inspire the Joyces and Alex's of the world to involve themselves in discussions. Growing up, we realized that many of our childhood TV shows had substantial educational value, whether they were Boy Meets World or Captain Planet. We believed we could help today's generation of scholars discover the learning from the TV shows and movies they watch as well. By seeing characters that they already love and trust navigate real-life situations, students will be more inclined to adopt 21st century skills, knowledge, and positive behaviors. Educators can leverage the experiences of these characters to teach students these much-needed skills and create a greater investment in their own learning.

We'd love for you to join us on this journey of making learning more relevant and engaging for students.