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What is ClassHook?

ClassHook helps teachers find and effectively use educational scenes from television and movies in their lessons. It's a huge time saver and makes their lessons more relevant, engaging, and fun for students and children.

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ClassHook enhances children's education

Two people talking
Build key media literacy skills
Magnifying glass
Expand their horizons
Book with two letter A's
Enhance language skills
Light bulb
Understand the evolution of technology
Television set
View media from an educational lens
Gain real-world knowledge

"ClassHook is MORE than great! It's an easy tool that be used in any lesson to "hook" our students and gain their interest...If you haven't gotten "hooked" up with are definitely missing out!!!"

HS Biology Teacher

"ClassHook is such an AMAZING resource for teachers! I was sharing it with several of my colleagues here at my school and they were ALL ABOUT IT!! I am a 24 year veteran of education and know what works and THIS DOES!!"

HS Math Teacher

What Teachers are Saying

"I love ClassHook! I am a huge media consumer so I've always wanted a site to incorporate media clips into my lessons. As a busy classroom teacher, I just never had the time needed to look for clips, but thanks to ClassHook, I am now able to. GREAT JOB!"

Elementary School Teacher

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