Today's students have grown up in the digital age: they don't know a world without smartphones, tablets, and wireless internet. As a result, our teaching needs to adapt to their interests. Using popular media clips from ClassHook is one way to engage and inspire your students and position them for success.

What does the research say about video and popular media?

  • Approximately 70% of teachers used online videos in 2015 due to increased interest and adoption. (Source)
  • People learn abstract, new, and novel concepts more easily when they are presented in both verbal and visual form. (Source)
  • Visual media helps students retain concepts and ideas. (Source)
  • Humor, which is prevalent in popular media, activates our sense of wonder and boosts retention. (Source)
  • Films are a comfortable, familiar medium to contemporary students that can keep student interest in the theories and concepts under discussion. Students can see the theories and concepts in action. In more than a figurative sense, theories and concepts leap from the screen. (Source - Page 15)

Ideas for using ClassHook

Due to the flexible nature of video, there are so many ways that you can use ClassHook in your classroom, whether it be to start a lesson, reinforce a concept, or conclude a lesson. The following are some examples of how educators are using ClassHook clips.

  • To gain student interest at the beginning of a lesson or the start of a new topic.
  • To help students visualize and understand complex topics.
  • To begin a class or group discussion on the topic of the lesson.
  • To reinvigorate the class when student attention is waning.
  • To reinforce a lesson or concept.
  • To provide a valuable 5-minute lesson at the end of class.

The following links offer additional ideas for using YouTube, movies, and television in the classroom. These ideas can be used with ClassHook.

Let us know if you've found a creative way to use ClassHook so we can add it to this list.