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from popular TV shows and movies

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TV shows and movies often contain scenes that discuss topics such as Science, Math, Art, Music, and more. While funny and amusing, these scenes also have valid educational merit.

Such scenes not only teach students but also make learning more relevant. Students can associate a concept in class to an image they see in their everyday lives. Bringing television shows and movies to your classroom helps connect students' personal lives to the concepts they are learning in class. As a result, content retention increases, and learning becomes more fun.

But what if you wanted to find these educational scenes?

Even with available search tools such as Google and YouTube, it is very difficult to do so. That's where ClassHook comes in. All you have to know is the topic you'll be teaching in class, and you'll be able to find an engaging clip that hooks your students in while educating them at the same time.

What else should I know about ClassHook?

  • We're an incredibly friendly team, so don't hesitate to drop us a note for any reason. We'd love to hear from you!
  • Our grand vision is to develop a more knowledgeable society by best utilizing the time spent in class. Imagine if every student learned one new fact in every single class as a result of paying more attention throughout their schooling. They'll have learned so much more!
  • Many of our clips are vetted by teachers through our Clip Vetter Program.
  • We actively maintain our library of clips and replace any broken links. This means that a link to a clip on ClassHook is more reliable than a link to a clip on YouTube. When a YouTube clip goes down, it's gone. When we notice a broken link on ClassHook, we make our best effort to replace it, sometimes spending over an hour to find a replacement.

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