Casebook: Presidential Race
14:10 - 16:40
2m 30s

The Ghostwriter team creates a casebook to figure out who is behind the smear flyers against Alex.


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Video Transcript

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The team investigate's the school's computer room after learning the smear flyers are printed out from there. There, they run into another student who they suspect may be the culprit.
Gabby and Tina create a casebook with a list of suspects and evidence to deduce the real arsonist.
Lieutanant McQuade explains the act of arson and their list of clues during his interview with Gabby and Tina.
Has profanity
Gabby and Tina find the taxi driver that drove a suspect to Mr. Brinkers. They determine that the man in a suit couldn't have done it after learning he caught a flight the same time that the fire started.
Alex and Jamal go to the library to learn what "copyright infringement" and the F.B.I. are.