The Outside World
37:14 - 40:34
3m 20s
Mead brings a radio to the Frank family and informs Anne of the events going on the world and what that means for the family.


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Video Transcript

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The eldest daughter of the Frank Family, Margot, recieves a conscription letter to go to a work in a special concentration camp. The family knows she will most likely not return if she goes so they all go under hiding.
Has profanity
This short scene captures in one take 3 soldiers who arrive on Dunkirk Beach during the British evacuation in World War II. 
The Japanese conduct a surprise aerial attack on Darwin harbor in Australia. Despite the Australian people's efforts to defend themselves, they suffer heavy losses, as Darwin is lightly defended.
Anne has been living in the attic for 7 months. She hears gun shots everyday and the percecution of her people becoming worse. She feels as depressed as she approaches her 14th birthday.
The Frank Family adjusts to living in a restricted life in hiding to escape their goverment.