The Midst of The Chaos of The Sino-Japanese War
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Queen Min escape the royal place as 4,500 Qing soldiers arrived in Korea and captured the deawon reasserting Qing inflince over the kingdom. The Japenese responded only by placing an armed guard on its returning litigation, but this promted Mejij to begin a massive military buildup


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The joseon Kingdom would become the empire of korea. Totally independent but all knew this would be short-lived with russian and japanese imperoal interests strongly butting heads on the peninsula war would be inevitable. Japan had refromed and modernized following the example of western imperialism to carry out the ambitions of the empire would require following this example closely and so asia in the 20th century would know war
The overshadowed first Sino-Japanese war is often seen as a stepping stone in the story of japan's imperial expansion and china's decline preceding the second world war. We take a look at the Korean strategry, Meiji restoration of 1868 and Go jong ascension to the throne and how the they played a major role in the beginning of the Sino war
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The situation was tense. Everyone was upset and two drunken british sailors decided it would be a great idea to pin a chinese solider. Zexu wasn't humored, and demanded a british sailor be executed as atonement. Elliot tried the men responsible on his ship, and sentence them to hard labor back in England but this would kick start the war.