Cross Examination
00:00 - 02:34
2m 34s
Annalise conducts a cross-examination with the victim's son who holds prejudice against Muslims.


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Annalise gives a testimony on her past client, Nate Lahey Sr., who was killed by guards while in prison. While addressing the jury, he defends Nate's character and mentions issues concerning prejudice that are present in the courtroom and prison system.
Has profanity
When Dr. Shirley is denied entry to the dining room, he and Tony leave the country club in protest.
Cory and Mr. Feeny switch roles for the day; Cory becomes the teacher, and Mr. Feeny becomes the student. Cory's lesson of the day is on prejudice. He shares the story of Anne Frank and explains how her plight exemplifies prejudice.
Annalise claims that the FBI fabricated evidence in court to dismiss Gabriel's case.
Colonel Shaw informs the troops of his all-black company that they are to be paid less than white troops.