Conserve Your Resources
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The Planeteers explains how much the world's economy depends on fossil fuels. It is important to develop alternatives due to the scarcity of fossil fuels and to conserve our resources.


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Video Transcript

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Hank gives an introduction to ecology -where it came from and how scientists combined different parts of biology and chemistry to shape ecology.
Beakman explains how oil is made and that it wasn't from dinosaurs. He explains that it was made in the ocean. Then he does a demo with a bunsen burner.
Captain Planet and the Planeteers tell viewers what they can do to conserve the Earth's resources.
Kip talks to members of an environmental organization about why they do not talk about the harmful effects that animal products have to the environment. The gases that are released when raising livestock for food and drinks are more harmful than other fossil fuels. Because of the increase in meat and dairy consumption, there is going to be a major increase in dangerous pollution. He notes that the industry is destroying oceans, animals, and other water consumption problems. But Kip is also worried about why the government is not talking about this.