Disposable Society
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Captain Planet and the Planeteers tell viewers what they can do to conserve the Earth's resources.


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Video Transcript

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Beakman explains the stats of how much waste is generated daily. He then describes what happens to the waste in the trash dump and why recycling is really good for the environment.
The Planeteers reuse items that people have thrown out to create a plane to escape the dump.
In order for Gnocchi, the cat, to stay home with the chef, George has to create an environment where it can have fun and relax. George then creates some items for Gnocci to have fun using the things around him.
There is a contest to see who can get the most recycling items. George goes to the recycling center to learn more about the process.
The Planeteers talk about how people throw away things into the garbage that are still salvageable and things that should be recycled.