Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of You

Mulan starts with her training camp as nothing impressive, but she knows she needs to live the part of her new identity, so she showcases her tenacity and capability to be the best.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. What does Li Shang mean by "man"?
  2. How is this an example of metaphor? What is being compared?
  3. Why is “making men” important in times of war? What’s the real message behind the metaphor?
  4. How is this metaphor also ironic? What kind of irony is on display?

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This clip is associated with the following standards:
  • Common Core State Standards
    Explain the meaning of simple similes and metaphors (e.g., as pretty as a picture) in context.
  • Common Core State Standards
    Use precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, and techniques such as metaphor, simile, and analo...

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