Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of You

Mulan starts with her training camp as nothing impressive, but she knows she needs to live the part of her new identity, so she showcases her tenacity and capability to be the best.



  • Judith Friesenhahn
    6 months ago
    I was surprise dhow fast my students identified metaphors in the short clip. They recognized the irony of Mulan (a girl) being told by her commander that he would make "A man out of her"
  • Judith Friesenhahn
    6 months ago
    My students like this clip and figured out the message quickly because the topic was interesting and entertaining. I will use other clips from this movie.
  • Judith Friesenhahn
    6 months ago
    I used this clip to show character development. Mulan had to prove to herself and her fellow soldiers that she could be a "real man" As a female Mulan had to work twice as hard to develop combat skills and strength, yet she persevered and accomplished her goals. NOTES: If you want to accomplish something important you must keep working until your goal is met.
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