What If?
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Rosario learns that her son is on his way from Mexico to find her in America. She is fears for her son's life and the troubles he will face, so she weighs her options and concludes that she will leave her life in America to find him too.


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Video Transcript

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Rosario is unjustly fired by her employer, portraying some of the struggles undocumented Americans go through dealing with job security or when trying to find a job.
Parallels between Carlos and his mom's day, depicting the work they do (field work v.s. domestic help) and gender differences in the jobs available to them.
Enrique helps Carlos understand his complicated feelings and puts into perspective why Carlos's mom had to leave him with his grandma in Mexico to work in America.
Carlos has a part time job helping people get into America even if they do not have the proper paperwork. Mexican-Americans offer their services, but friction is displayed between the 2 cultures.
The main character shows the dangers immigrants are willing to put themselves through to live a better life, such as risking their freedom to crossover to America.