Malcolm X: Before Everything, We Were Black
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Malcolm X gives a riveting speech in which he reminds his community that, before all else, they are Black. He encourages solidarity among his audience and inspires them to take control away from the white man.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. Why does Malcolm X claim he's not there even as an American?
  2. What are Malcolm X's criticisms?
  3. What is Malcolm X's analysis on identity for African Americans?

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This clip is associated with the following standards:
  • Common Core State Standards
    Compare and contrast a fictional portrayal of a time, place, or character and a historical account o...
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    explain actions taken by people to expand economic opportunities and political rights, including tho...
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    compare and contrast the approach taken by some civil rights groups such as the Black Panthers with ...
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    compare economic, political, or social opportunities in different cultures for women, ethnic and rel...
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    analyze the varying treatment patterns of minority groups such as African American, Asian American, ...

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