Jump Right to It
01:11 - 02:13
1m 2s
Isabella begs Phineas for some time to speak to him about something important. She starts off the conversation, by stating that she's going to "jump right to it".


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In this clip, Candace describes herself as being "heartless"; this is obviously meant figuratively, not literally.
In this clip, Candace has to answer a call and tells her mother she is "taking" it. This is an idiom; one does not "take" a call so much as they answer it.
In this clip, Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry the Platypus to "have a taste" of his ray gun. He isn't proposing that Perry literally taste the gun; he is telling Perry to experience it.
In this clip, Phineas and Isabella sing about how they could have been "an item", which is another way of saying a couple.
In this clip, something is described as being "as old of time". Except for time and perhaps the universe itself, this is impossible.