Real Genius: Excimer Laser
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  • Physics → Light → Excimer Laser
  • Science → Chemistry → Ionization

Chris and Mitch build an excimer laser and explain how it works to the group. Chris states that the laser works by putting bromide and argon atoms together and exciting them using a field. Energy is released when the molecules break apart and return to a ground state. They then demonstrate the laser, which blows a hole through multiple layers of material, including cement.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. What groups are Br and Ar located in? What are some properties of these groups? Given what you know about these elements' properties and the description in the clip, what is meant by an "excimer?"
  2. Do you think the power of the laser as portrayed in the clip is scientifically valid? Why/why not?

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    Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, l...

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