Jurassic Park: Mr. DNA
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  • Biology → Genetics → Introduction to DNA
  • Biology → Genetics → DNA Sequencing

Hammond shows the crew a video that explains how Jurassic Park scientists acquired dinosaur DNA and cloned them. The video features Mr. DNA, a computerized DNA strand that explains what DNA is, illustrates its structure, and provides other details about it. This clip is an excellent introduction to DNA.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. If dinosaurs can be brought back from extinction, how does any animal ever become extinct?
  2. What is preventing scientists from being able to recreate extinct animals such as the Dodo Bird?

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Public Pause Prompts

Start Time Prompt Timing Length
01:39 What is a strand of DNA? Timed 00:20
02:42 How many genetic codes are in a strand of DNA? Timed 01:00


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