Origin of Thanksgiving
10:45 - 16:03
5m 18s
The Pilgrims, a group of English settlers seeking religious freedom, help the Pokanoket against a rival tribe.


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As the Pilgrims were about to give up, a kind native named Samoset arrives to offer his guidance to help their colony succeed. He brings the native, Squanto, who teaches them about the land and how to plant crops.
In this scene, Pocahontas is traded by her tribe to the Jamestown colony in return for European metalware. As result of this, she will go on to marry John Rolfe and bring about the Peace of Pocahontas.
Has profanity
In this scene, the native Powhatan fight the Jamestown settlers. In reality, the Anglo-Powhatan Wars were fought between these parties for a number of years. The clip also illustrates how the European settlers denigrated the Native Americans' beliefs.
Geronimo grows up to join the raiding Apaches and gets married.
The Jamestown settlers force the Powhatan out of their village, and then burn it down. Such scenes were common in American colonial history.