Cells at Work!: Platelet Construction

A group of platelets struggle to unload the materials needed to "fix" a road, referring to a blood vessel of the body. Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell help them aside from their mission of finding the invading pneumococcus.



    8 months ago
    I would not use it. While I like the scenario of a story, this is conceptionally too far from making a link to the way that platelets rush to the site to form a blood clot. The clip also feels so primary/elementary instead of secondary.
  • Sarah Hern
    8 months ago
    It has all the right words but doesn’t teach the real thing even by analogy. Appealing that it’s anime though.
  • Deanna Peters
    8 months ago
    Not sure younger students would get the connection between the cartoon and blood system
  • Melissa
    8 months ago
    I would use this as an engage/intro. Not enough information but a good question starter.
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