Choosing the Right Words
15:38 - 19:45
4m 7s
The team concocts a plan to deceive and infiltrate the THABTOs at their meeting by using their own tricks against them to catch them in the act.


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Video Transcript

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After escaping from the THABTOs meeting, the team analyzes the chant they recorded and proves without a doubt that the Double Defenders players are the backpack thieves, and they discover THABTO to be an acronym for their creed that "two heads are better than one."
The team deciphers the remainder of the coded message, giving them the location of the THABTO's meeting. They discover the time by having Ghostwriter speedread the Double Defenders books.
With the coded message that Gabby found in her backpack, Alex determines that the letter R stands for the letter E, thus cracking the code and deciphering most of the messages.
Alex and Jamal deduce that the THABTO note is written in a secret code and work to decipher it.
After Alex follows a suspect to a video game arcade, the team deduces a group of four Double Defender players are THABTO and the backpack thieves.