From Gravity
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Dr. Stone and the crew are under attack by flying debris. The part of the ship that Dr. Stone is mounted on is hit, and she flies around in space uncontrollably at a constant speed. She follows the instructions of her crew member and detaches to prevent herself from flying away too far away from the Explorer.

This clip contains profanity at the following moments: 00:41 - 00:42


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Sheldon explains how he uses a toy train and a ball to prove Newton's first law of motion. As the train moves, he pushes a button to propel the ball in the air. The ball lands in the same spot on the train where it was propelled. The ball moves at a constant velocity in an inertial frame of reference.
A fight breaks out, and Isaac Newton watches the quarrel and draws conclusions about forces based on his observations. Each boy is considered a mass, and each of their pushes is a force. At the end of the scuffle, Newton labels his conclusions "The Laws of Motion." This clip is an excellent depiction of Newton's laws of motion in a real-world context.
Homer slicks the floor with oil in an attempt to injure himself at work. Due to the significantly reduced friction, he stays in motion at the same speed and direction, thus failing to harm himself.
The MythBusters conduct a test at NASA to determine whether a flag on the moon would wave as it does in the video footage of the first moon landing. They find that momentum alone can keep a flag moving in a vacuum; wind is not needed.
Hypathia incorrectly guesses how a sack will fall when it is dropped on a moving boat. She observes that the sack behaves as if the boat was stationary. Hypathia believes the same principle can be applied to the Earth: it is moving around the Sun without us realizing it.