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After Carson is found dead, the police show up at his house to inform his mother. In response, she slams the door and denies the fact. She calls Carson frantically in hopes that he'll answer his phone.


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Tied at 200-200 games, Stan and Roger prepare for the game that decides who will be the badminton champion. When their line judge is taken away, they try to get Hayley to fill in. The two try to accelerate Hayley through the five stages of grief so she can become a line judge for them.
Has profanity
Dave proceeds to deactivate HAL 9000, a sentient computer that has malfunctioned. When HAL realizes that Dave is going to deactivate him, it goes through many of the stages of grief, expressing anger and depression, attempting to bargain, and accepting its fate.
A sick nurse reaffirms the stages of grief but notes it doesn't happen as cleanly as it does in theory. In reality, the stages of grief happen all at once.
Homer visits the hospital after eating poison blowfish sushi that was cut incorrectly and learns he has 22 hours left to live. The doctor tells him about the 5 stages of grief that he will experience, and Homer exemplifies each one as the doctor lists them. The stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.
Before regenerating, the Doctor's memories of his companions come to life, giving him a chance to say good bye to them one last time.