National Government
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4m 51s
This clip describes the democratic voting process, which determines how individuals gain power.


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This clip describes the Executive branch of government in the U.S. In developing the branch, the Founding Fathers decided who held authority and the powers this person should have.
The state representatives debate the formal election of national senators. They decide whether senators should be elected by the House of Representatives, National Executives, The People, or by State Legislators.
Mayor Dewey and Gunga are in a debate about who will be the next mayor of Beach City, presenting what they believe in and how they will serve the citizens.
Craig explains why the Founding Fathers implemented checks and balances into the government and how this concept keeps all the branches equal and in check.
The legislative branch comprises of the Senate and the House of Representatives. As these reprentatives are voted in by the people, they have a duty to act in the people's best interest.