23:12 - 26:50
3m 38s

This clip discusses the different types of volcanoes (shield volcanoes, cinder cones, stratovolcanoes) and the differences between them. It includes visual examples for each volcano.


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An intoduction of volcanoes and how they were formed.
Beakman uses a box sitting on a table designed to be the layers of the earth. He gets under the box and uses a red oven mit to push up through the box to show how magma pushes out of the earth's crust to create a volcano. He also uses a pie to demonstrate the same thing (heats too much and then the filling will come rupturing out of the crust).
Supervolcanoes can cause extreme destruction. 50,000 years ago in the Sierra Nevadas, a supervolcano erupted to create a 20 mile crater, known as the Long Valley Caldera.
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