Brain-Computer Interface
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Brain-Computer Interface is a way that the brain waves are monitored and tracked to control activity on a computer. These applications can be used to control characters in video games and to control prosthetic body parts.


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Researchers are trying to understand how the brain functions during sleep. All animals sleep and have a circadian clock. This clock tells the body when to sleep and when to wake.
Scientists are trying to understand how the brain forms and processes emotions. They are conducting research on the brain patterns of positive and negative emotions to understand the brain a little bit better.
Scientists are studying tadpoles to look at how their neural circuits develop. These neural circuits are made up of many neurons. Neurons generate electrical and chemical signals in order to communicate with one another.
Researchers are trying to understand how the brain processes important and unimportant information. The brain has to process many sensations, feelings and thoughts and scientists want to know how the brain knows how to filter out essential and nonessential data.
The brain is not yet understood by scientists completely. In 2013, the Brain Initiative was put forth and allocated $1 billion in research towards neuroscience to understand the brain more.