Muscle Memory, or Nevous System Memory
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Neuroscience can help an athlete perform better at the Olympics, instead of relying solely on phsycial conditioning. It can active muscle memory, so the athletes' body can go into auto pilot and perform its best.


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Scientists are studying tadpoles to look at how their neural circuits develop. These neural circuits are made up of many neurons. Neurons generate electrical and chemical signals in order to communicate with one another.
Neurobiologists look at the brains of different animals. They are conducting research on the zebra fish's brain and how it responds with different movements.
Scientists are trying to understand how the brain forms and processes emotions. They are conducting research on the brain patterns of positive and negative emotions to understand the brain a little bit better.
What actually is happening in your brain when you are dreaming? The brain is working with different memories and experiences and with the help from electrical neural connections, the brain dreams.
Synapses or neural connections in our brain are how we are able to process information and remember things. These connections happen in milliseconds and allow us and animals to make split second decisions.