Powers of 10 Song
From Numberock
00:05 - 03:59
3m 54s

This song explains the meaning of exponents and how to calculate them.


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Video Transcript

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This clip takes us into the microscopic world through a series of steps, with each step being 10x smaller than the previous. It illustrates the microorganisms that exist in drop of water and the components of those organisms, including DNA and atoms.
Zeros are disappearing across town, and Olive and Otto visit Polly for some hot chocolate and help. Polly shows bar graphs of her profit for each day of the week to the two agents, and she notes that her profit for the current day is much lower than usual. Olive points out that Polly's lower price is contributing to her lower profit and explains to Otto why zeros disappearing is a problem. In her explanation, Olive illustrates the difference between 1, 10, 100, and 1,000 marshmallows.
This clip takes us into the universe through a series of steps, with each step being 10x larger than the previous. It illustrates the vastness of the universe and that increasing the field of view by a power of 10 makes a dramatic change in what we see.
Scale is illustrated as the viewer is given a center of focus (the individuals who are picnicking) and slowly the field of view expands incremementally by the power of ten. Eventually, the field of view takes the viewer out of Planet Earth and extends to include other planets of the solar system. 
Starting from the hand of a sleeping man at a picnic, this clip investigates the structure of a cells in the hand and goes into more granular details to the scale at which the makeup of a single carbon atom is investigated.