Oh the Places You'll Go!
From Fracture
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Willy reads a poem out loud to Jennifer, as she lays in a coma after a gunshot wound.


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Video Transcript

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David, Maddie, and a hotel security officer all speak in Seussian rhyming couplets. This is an excellent example of iambic pentameter.
Captain Kirk tries to communicate with Mr. Spock about the status of his ship and the next course of action it should take, but Commodore Decker, who is in command, assumes his authority to speak for the ship. The manner in which Captain Kirk speaks is an example of iambic pentameter.
After learning that the huntsmen were not successful in killing Snow White, the Jealous Queen consumes a poison that transforms her into the Evil Witch. The transformation comes with a malicious plan to get rid of Snow White.
A shark attacks a young boy while people are relaxing at the beach. The playful screams of people in the water, combined with Brody's attentiveness to them, foreshadow the actual attack.
Dave is laying down in bed when the monolith suddenly appears again. He tries to reach out to touch it once he notices it. Before he touches it, he is transformed into a Star Child and has evolved to a new type of being.