Make Garbage a Small Problem
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The Planeteers are called by Gaia to stop a new villain, Sly Sludge from polluting the Earth with another one of his trash dumping schemes. When the Planeteers confront Sludge, he tells them that he no longer dumps trash and has found the answer to the problem of waste management forever. He "demonstrates" by having a machine that shoots intense beams of light supposedly shrink the trash, but unbeknownst to the planeteers, it's all smoke and mirrors.


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Kwame is appalled at how the small town villagers who have had trash dumped on them by Sly Sludge's operations have started polluting their own town. It demonstrates cowardice, lack of vision, and apathy of the townspeople.
The Planeteers are tasked by Gaia to stop a war between two tribes initiated by two-timing arms dealers. Appalled at the sight, Ma-Ti comments on how it is too difficult for him to see such suffering. Gaia profoundly comments that only when people understand the consequences of war would they possess the wisdom to stop it.
Greg tricks his parents into thinking he's getting physical exercise by setting a timer to make it look likes he's been playing outside all day. In actuality, he's been playing video games.
Malchior uses Raven to get what he wants. Raven and Malchior is battling each other. Malchior tells Raven the truth that he got what he wanted and that he does not need her anymore. Raven learned all her spells from Malchior. She taught herself a curse that helps her defeat Malchior. The student has defeated the teacher.
It is discovered that Sly Sludge has been using the active volcano of an Island inhabited by people as a natural trash incinerator. The volcano begins erupting and trash that the volcano didn't erupted with it, scattering. Captain Planet tries to enter the volcano, but the fumes from the trash made the air inside the volcano too polluted for him to tolerate.