Elliot Obtains Potential Passwords
From Mr. Robot
00:00 - 00:41
Elliot calls a person to get some potential security question answers in order to hack in to their account.


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Video Transcript

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Dade calls up the security department at OTV Studios and impersonates an employee in the Accounting division. He claims that a power surge wiped out a file that he was working on and expresses the urgency of the situation. Through this fabricated scenario, he gets the security personnel to divulge the number on the modem so that he can gain access to the company's network.
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Dade is fined and banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday because he hacked one of the largest databases.
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Floyd the barber lies to his long distance girlfriend about his situation and how much money he has. When she writes him saying she will visit, he is torn with guilt and decides to uphold his lie and pose as a rich man.