Fear and Loathing
From Disconnect
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A counselor advises a couple that their personal information may have been compromised by someone with the online name, "Fear and Loathing." The counselor explains to Cindy how Fear and Loathing could have infected her computer and installed a keylogger through the use of a phishing email or link.


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Video Transcript

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This clip discusses the ways in which to protect your data and network from ransomware attacks, which lock up a victim's files until money is paid.
A hacker sends a company employee a fraudulent email prompting him to change his password. The employee downloads a PDF, which is a keylogger posing as password security guidelines. Once the keylogger has been downloaded, the hacker gets the employee's credentials and logs into the system.
Dade is fined and banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday because he hacked one of the largest databases.
Elliot calls a person to get some potential security question answers in order to hack in to their account.
Lien fabricates a situation in which her presentation to a company representative got stained. She convinces the receptionist to plug a USB drive into a corporate computer and print out another copy for her. The USB drive contains malware, so when the receptionist plugs it in, Hathaway gains access the bank's intranet and uses this access to hack into a bank account.