Richard's Three Dots
00:00 - 02:13
2m 13s
Monica gifts Richard with a framed picture of the text message he sent her, but Richard discovers a comma missing in the picture. Richard sent four but Monica only received three. He realizes this means the message being sent is bypassing encryption because their AI broke it.


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Video Transcript

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The team tests the black box and discovers that it can decrypt data from any encrypted governmental system. One of the members of the group explains that encryption is reliant on complex mathematical computations, and the black box can somehow solve them without an encryption key.
In this clip, Charlie tries to identify a crimal via the car keys in her purse. Car keys use a mathematical algorithm to send a different n digit number each time the button is pressed, which the locking mechanism can identify as right or wrong.
Has profanity
Beakman has Lester try to karate chop a board and it doesn't break. Phoebe comes and does it and breaks the board. They do a slow motion replay and explain the science behind it.
Charlie explains, at a high level, how prime numbers are used in modern encryption. He mentions that solving the Riemann Hypothesis could help decrypt current present day encryption, unlocking passwords and bank account information.
In this clip, Charlie is trying to crack a code a man has left him.