Time to Go
03:21 - 04:24
1m 3s
It can be disappointing to have to leave somewhere, but there is always much to do! Learn a little about the importance of staying on schedule and time management with the StoryBots.


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Video Transcript

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Ralph helps Vanellope make her kart so she can race. During the process, the duo, with their very different personalities, show how they can complement each other quite nicely.
Despite having an alarm clock, Mr. Bean oversleeps and rushes to get ready for the day.
Lip asks his boss if he can leave early so that he can study for his literature exam. His boss doesn't allow him to leave early and suggests that he work on his time management skills.
Before Zac Efron can tell the audience about the word of the day, Elmo insists that they play basketball. Since the word of the day is patience, Zac uses the example with Elmo to explain the meaning of patience, that Elmo must wait to play basketball. The basketball Elmo is holding suddenly begins talking, explaining that Elmo and Zac must wait to play as it since it needs to fill up on air. When Zac protests, Elmo tells him to remember the word of the day.
An introduction of the Mayor of Whoville shows that he has 96 children. In order to spend enough time with each one and to be fair, he sets a timer for each child.