What Are You Doing Here?
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Carlos is found asleep by policemen, who question him about his parents. Scared of deporation, Carlos tries to get away and barely does so as Enrique distracts the officers and gets arrested instead.


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The main character shows the dangers immigrants are willing to put themselves through to live a better life, such as risking their freedom to crossover to America.
The LAPD are piloting a mathematical program developed by UCLA that predicts the probability of a crime occuring.
Carlos crosses the border without proper identification, but with the help of 2 college students. The scary encounter is only the start of his tiresome journey to find his mom in America.
A new deputy joining Andy and Barney suggests their manner of enforcing the law is flawed. They aren't meeting quotas nor making arrests pertaining to certain ordinances. Barney, after quitting, asks for his job back, explaining his qualifications and insisting that law enforcement is not about numbers, it's about people.
Has profanity
While working as tomato harvestors, Carlos and the workers are ambushed by Migration Services. Police brutally arrest them, and the workers fear for their lives.