Baily's Mistake
00:00 - 04:42
4m 42s
When an out-of-towner gets into a car accident and his father's lawyers come to the rescue, he decides to follow in Andy's lead and take responsibility for his own mistakes.


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Judy accomplishes her goal of giving 200 parking tickets to the citizens of Zootopia. She even gives herself a parking ticket after realizing her parking meter is out of time.
After getting caught in what she thinks is a speed trap, an out of towner challenges Andy. She demands to see the justice of the peace and chooses to plead guilty.
When Aunt Bee decides to enter into the pickle-making contest at the town fair with the store-bought pickles the boys put in her jars, Andy and Barney know they have to make things right.
During the big golf match, Junuh notices that his ball moved. According to the rules, this must be reported as an extra move, but it will hurt his chances of winning. However, no one saw this happen except for Junuh, his caddy, Bagger Vance, and a young boy who hopes to see his hero win.
The squad has to go find new evidence after Jake makes a false arrest.