Dividing Halloween Candy
From Cyberchase
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Jackie shows the creatures how to divide by counting off in rounds. This clip is a great introduction to division.


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Video Transcript

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Digit is tasked with putting the same number of garlic cloves in each jar. He uses the "counting off in rounds" technique he learned from Jackie to perform the division. This clip is a great introduction to division.
Two girls decide to share their Halloween candy with Bianca, who is not having a happy birthday. They divide their candy in rounds so that each person gets an equal number of pieces.
Digit asks The Earthlings for help in determining how many cyber cells to put into each box. Each box needs to contain the same number of cells.
The kids need to solve equations where they need to take fractions of whole numbers.
A monster wants to join the fun and play hockey with the Monster Math Squad, they must use division to have equal amount of players on each team to play hockey.