Debra Explains Budgeting
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Debra explains budgeting to Raymond when he asks her to pay for his magazine subscription.


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Video Transcript

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Cliff teaches Theo about all the expenses that come with day-to-day life.
Raymond attempts to manage the family budget but ends up with overdraft fees and multiple bounced checks. He asks Andy for advice, and Andy tells him how to reconcile his checkbook. Ray still doesn't seem to understand, so Andy suggests showing Debra the checkbook. Ray decides to create a fake checkbook to prove to Debra that he is capable of budgeting.
Agents Olympia and Otis meet the Xs, who were sent to make sure the Odd Squad Headquarters is not breaking any rules. The Xs find that the Headquarters is over budget by $100. They explain to Olympia and Otis what a budget is, and the two agents have until the end of the day to lower Headquarters' spending or it will be shut down permanently.
The song teaches about budgeting your money.
Stan's dad wants him to learn the importance of saving money. He takes Stan to Southpark Bank to deposit the money into an account so it can grow. Unfortunately, the banker loses his money and other customers' money almost instantly. This clip can be a funny introduction to personal finance and banking.