Everything is Numbers
From Numb3rs
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Charlie demonstrates how math is all over in the universe. He shows how, even in simple ways, mathematics is evident.


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Video Transcript

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The applicability of numbers is everywhere, and a deeper meaning of them can be found in the Torah. The ancient Jews used Hebrew as their numerical system. Maximillian Cohen then goes on to describe the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence.
Henry Weston is interviewing for an accountant position, and as a first test, Mr. Magorium asks him to recite the 11th through the 16th numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. He correctly lists the 11th through 15th numbers, and both characters seem to overlook that he missed the 16th number, 987.
This clip describes the experience of one student adjusting to a new environment for his welding. He discusses how making a change to any of the setup creates challenges and unfamiliarity in his work. Shanen compares welding to rock climbing and how tackling a challenge in practice is very different than how you think you'd approach it conceptually.
Finch, as a substitute teacher, draws a circle on the board along with the symbol, Pi, and asks the class what it means. When a student asks what Pi is good for and when one would use it, he gives a compelling answer.
Mr. Keating emphasizes the real-world applicability of words, language, and poetry. He encourages his students to contemplate their life's purpose. The human race is full of passion- poetry, beauty, romance and life: the things people stay alive for. "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"