Meeting the Dwarfs
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Snow White uses social cues to determine the names of each of the seven dwarfs.


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Video Transcript

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The narrator describes Harold's daily routine during the weekdays. From the beginning of the day to the end of the day, he follows a consistent and precise schedule. This clip is a concrete starting point for discussing how writers reveal character traits through concrete actions and specific detail.
Upon meeting Tom and Jerry, Charlie empathizes with their feelings of hunger and decides to give them a loaf of bread. Tom and Jerry show their gratitude and are motivated to make money in order to give Charlie a Wonka Bar.
Jack is trying to plan a big christmas party in the mix of that he comes across these three little kids who love trick or treating. He tells them that he needs a big favor from them but this favor is top secert. He makes the kids promise him to keep it a secert and the kids "promise" him to keep it a secert to his face, but behind their backs they have their fingers crossed.
Chris' mother has relatives over the house, and Chris explains of their nicknames. Each nickname describes the individual's true personality. 
Shelson adjourns a meeting with his different personalities. Each personality checks into the meeting and behaves in a way that corresponds with that personality.