White Guilt
From Black-ish
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Zoey uses "white guilt" in her college essay in order to increase her chances of being accepted.


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Video Transcript

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Dre is upset with Junior for not nodding in acknowledgement. Bow doesn't understand why it is a big deal, so Dre explains the signifiicance of nodding in Black culture.
Dre and Bow invite friends to a church service, but they are not prepared for how long the service is.
Dre gets pulled over by a cop when driving a white friend's vehicle. He struggles to decide how to handle the situation.
Bow visits her dad to get clarity on why she is upset that Junior's girlfriend is white. He reminds her of her own roots and the struggles that came of her being a bi-racial child.
Has profanity
Coach Carter talks to his players about the importance of their future and their chance at attending college. He encourages them to analyze their lives and make choices to better themselves.