Journey Into an Active Volcano
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Scientists attempt to collect samples of molten lava on Mount Nyiragongo to help study the earth's core.


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Video Transcript

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It is discovered that Sly Sludge has been using the active volcano of an Island inhabited by people as a natural trash incinerator. The volcano begins erupting and trash that the volcano didn't erupted with it, scattering. Captain Planet tries to enter the volcano, but the fumes from the trash made the air inside the volcano too polluted for him to tolerate.
Supervolcanoes can cause extreme destruction. 50,000 years ago in the Sierra Nevadas, a supervolcano erupted to create a 20 mile crater, known as the Long Valley Caldera.
Beakman uses a box sitting on a table designed to be the layers of the earth. He gets under the box and uses a red oven mit to push up through the box to show how magma pushes out of the earth's crust to create a volcano. He also uses a pie to demonstrate the same thing (heats too much and then the filling will come rupturing out of the crust).
The volcano erupts duringĀ a town hall meeting convened to discuss the threat of such an eruption. TheĀ residents panic and rush to leave.
Bill Nye explains what volcanoes are, how they're formed, and what causes an eruption. He then explains the impact of volcanoes on the earth's geography.