Bowling Beer
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During Prohibition in Springfield, Homer fills a bowling ball with beer and rolls it down the gutter. The ball makes its way down to a secret speakeasy, where Moe retrieves the beer and charges Barney an absurd price for it. Moe then sends Homer the through the same bowling ball. This clip represents the amorality of American capitalist values, as Homer and Moe's practices benefit themselves but hurt many others with their high prices.


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Has profanity
The town of Springfield starts enforcing prohibition after recent events involving alcohol are deemed poor examples for the children. Moe establishes a speakeasy under the moniker of a pet shop to circumvent law.
This clip describes the Prohibition era in the United States. It explains the assumptions of Prohibition advocates and the actual negative impact of Prohibition on the United States both economically and socially. It also mentions that it was not actually illegal to consume alcohol during this time period. Finally, it notes that the passing of the 21st amendment was the first time in history that a constitutional amendment (the 18th amendment) had ever been repealed.
Colonel Shaw commends Private Trip on his fighting yesterday. He offers to honor the Private by allowing him to bear the regimental colors. Private Trip indicates that he is not fighting for the Colonel and expresses concern that, even after the war, he and his people will not benefit if they win.