Responsibility Online
From Cyberbully
17:34 - 18:53
1m 19s

Taylor finds out her brother, Eric, hacked into her Cliquesters account and changed her status to something inappropriate. Her mother is upset with both of them, and she reminds Taylor that what she posts on the internet is no longer private. Her mother also reminds her to not use the internet for calling people names and that internet use results in both responsibilities and consequences.

This clip contains profanity at the following moments: 18:23 - 18:24


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    6 months ago
Video Transcript

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As Vanessa leaves the lunch room after talking with Emily, one of the girls in the popular group shows Emily their yearbook cover idea. The idea is a video depicting Vanessa as an obese person with an unsatiable appetite. Vanessa stops to watch this video on her way out of the lunch room, and it disturbs her.
Taylor joins a support group for students who have been bullied online, and they discuss the ways in which to handle unpleasant comments directed towards them online. They discuss topics such as saving the evidence and talking to trusted adults about the bullying.
While working on her homework, Vanessa receives an instant message with a link to a website titled "Hating Vanessa." The website, presumably made by Vanessa's peers, makes fun of her by depicting her with ridiculous hair styles.
Ralph visits the comments section and discovers that people are talking about him and his videos. Although there are a few positive comments about him, there are many more negative and hateful comments, and it hurts his self-esteem. Yesss tries to comfort him by advising him to ignore the comments.
Samantha views a photo of herself and Taylor on Taylor's Cliquesters profile and notices that Lindsay has written an unpleasant comment. She tells Taylor about it, and they have a short discussion about it.