The Nightmare Before Christmas: What is Christmas?
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Jack Skellington uses the Scientific Method to answer the question, "What is Christmas?" He borrows science lab equipment then follows the scientific process to figure out what is Christmas. He makes observations of the artifacts he collected from Christmas Land, asks the question, "What is this?", forms a testable hypothesis, makes a prediction, and tests the prediction. He never completes the last step, which is using the results to make new hypotheses or predictions, because of the havoc he caused while testing the prediction.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. How is Jack using the scientific process?
  2. Is it possible for the results of the scientific process to be wrong?
  3. The steps in the scientific method are: make an observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, make a prediction based on the hypothesis, test the prediction, and use the results to make new hypotheses or new predictions. What are the examples in the video segment of Jack completing the steps of the scientific process? Did Jack miss any of the steps, and if he did, which steps did he miss?
  4. What might go wrong during the scientific process if science lab safety rules are not followed?

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