Baking Cosmic Crumpets
From Cyberchase
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The CyberSquad helps Shari make a new batch of Cosmic crumpets. Since they're out of dragon drool, they venture out to collect some. In order to make fewer trips to the dragon, they convert the needed six 1/4 cups into 1 cup and two 1/4 cups so that they only need to make three trips. While the crumpets are baking, Shari presents the CyberSquad with two different ways of writing out fractions.


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Video Transcript

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Shari burned an important batch of magic crumpets and needs to make a new batch of 8. However, her recipe will only make 4 crumpets. Matt helps her determine the quantity of each ingredient she needs to use in order to make 8 batches.
Has profanity
Smilla compares numbers to human life and defines natural numbers, negative numbers, and fractions.
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