The Price of Freedom
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A lawyer reminds the jury to not let their personal stance on an issue affect the ability of others to enjoy a product or service. He urges the members of the jury to support the freedom of expression and warns that their decision could place unnecessary restrictions on the citizens' first amendment rights.


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Has profanity
Two journalists are instructed to write a story on the Watergate scandal and exercise their First Amendment rights. The scandal leads to President Nixon's resignation and breaches the trust between him and the American people. The typewriter at the end of the clip prints out details of the scandal as it unfolds over the course of several years.
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This clip describes the Prohibition era in the United States. It explains the assumptions of Prohibition advocates and the actual negative impact of Prohibition on the United States both economically and socially. It also mentions that it was not actually illegal to consume alcohol during this time period. Finally, it notes that the passing of the 21st amendment was the first time in history that a constitutional amendment (the 18th amendment) had ever been repealed.