The Exam Cheat
From Mr. Bean
00:03 - 05:20
5m 17s

Mr. Bean doesn't know the answers to the questions on the test and makes many clever attempts to cheat.


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  • Veronica Stephenson
    almost 5 years ago
    Theatre I--helping actors not only be comfortable with silence but also to help understand the power of non-verbal communication
Video Transcript

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The Eds receive their report cards, and Ed and Eddy find out they have deplorable grades. The two Eds try to modify their report card grades, but Double D interferes.
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Eric confesses to Mr. Feeny and tells him the reason for his strong performance on his recent test was that he received the answers from a former student. He shares with Mr. Feeny that he can never excel in academics; he's just an average student. His tutor confirms this sentiment and cites that he's not the "student type," which is why she felt comfortable providing him the answers.