Why Parents Hate Their Children
From Hook
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Captain Hook tries to manipulate Maggie and Jack into thinking that their parents don't care about them so he can make them love him.


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Video Transcript

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Tommy and his friends learn about "fairness" from a bigger kid. He incorrectly explains fairness to be in his favor. The kid does not inherently know how to play by the rules and instead uses fear, intimidation, and manipulation to gain the advantage and have things go his way.
Chief Hopper teaches his kind not to underestimate small ants for they can unite into a mass group and defeat the grasshoppers. To Hopper, the core to control smaller species is to manipulate their mentality: continually frightening them, imprinting in their minds that they are powerless, keeping them away from the thought of uniting.
John Coffey is brought to jail. The prison guards are intimidated by his large size as he gets out of the truck and walks into the prison. The prison guards believe he may cause problems.
While testing a ride for Ed-Land, The Eds break Kevin's window. Eddy lies to Kevin, saying the "Mucky Boys" broke his window to prevent taking the blame for their actions.
After being pranked by Eris, Mandy gets revenge by tricking Eris into kissing Grim in a movie theater, which works, much to Eris' dislike.