Mother Necessity
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A song about great American inventions and how they began.


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Video Transcript

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Jim and Pam scheme on how to get out of a boring meeting. It seems as though their plan is successful until the very last second.
Comedy clip at beginning puzzles about why the Chinese use chopsticks. The idea hasn't hit them yet that the spoon might be a superior tool.
Flint's mother gives Flint encouragement when he's feeling down. She suggests he follow the example of great inventors, such as Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell, who weren't deterred by what other people thought of them. Flint then gets back to work on new inventions.
The founder of brightwheel introduces his product to the Sharks. He impresses with his model, and his vision. The specifics surrounding his business excites the sharks, entering a new space of business.
Elaine comes up with the idea of selling only the top parts of muffins; within days her old boss has opened a muffin-top store, capitalizing on her idea. Elaine needs protection for her idea, which is the role of the patent/trademark system.